Herbs of Gold is a Natural Health company based in Australia with a wide range of
Supplements intended to create and maintain great health for life. They are committed to providing the highest quality products available on the market as well as constantly staying up to date and expanding their line of nutritional items.

The fundamental concept of Herbs of Gold is holistic healing approach with a basis in the ancient teachings and knowledge of China, Europe and Ayurvedic practices. They begin with the traditional use of herbs but continue to research and adapt to improve the effectiveness of each and every nutritional supplement they offer. Herbs of Gold addresses a variety of health issues beginning with high level vitamins and minerals and continues with all manner of health issues such as cardiovascular, pregnancy, stress and allergies.

Herbs of Gold not only lists the ingredients in every product but also explain why that particular herb is included. They are so committed to natural health that they have a Naturopath specialist available online to advise and consult with. A complete list of products and information about them is available at their site. They also publish a newsletter available by email so customers can stay informed with the latest, most up to date information and suggestions. They also have a great section with wonderful recipes and ideas for healthy eating.

Herbs of Gold is a premium quality company with a reputation in the health food community for integrity and excellence. They have been in business since 1989 and provide the exact type of health products people are searching for in a time when people are becoming well informed about health issues and seeking optimal well being for a long and healthy life. Herbs of Gold is available for purchase Herbs of Gold Breastfeeding SupportĀ at Australian Vitamins.com and other reputable online sources.

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